• Arrow keys to move (or right analog stick)
  • The X, C, and V keys correspond to Moves 1, 2, and 3, respectively (X, A, and B on an Xbox controller)
  • To swap a move with one (a blue cube) on the ground, you can use the S, D, or F buttons (LB, Y, or RB on an Xbox controller)
  • Different moves have different windup, duration, and damage values; try swapping them in and out for different playstyles

I had recently tried From Software’s Bloodborne, and I really liked how players could pick and become skilled in weapons they liked (eg: the cane vs Ludwig’s Holy Blade). Coming into 7DRL, I wanted to make a twitchy roguelite where the rooms generated a corridor of weapons with different archetypes (and bonuses) that players could pick and choose. I think when we improve or succeed with the ingame items or strategies we’ve personally chosen (eg: character classes, deckbuilding, Pokémon teams) we feel engaged and validated in our work.

My biggest challenge making this game was gameplay-related; I think the core is here but the precise action isn’t accessible or as fun it could be. It’s hard to intuitively get a sense of how your new items will land, and aiming/timing is very tricky. If I had a few more days I’d likely refine this with more number tuning and more helpful visual effects. There isn’t a lot of enemy variety either, apart from positioning or spacing, and that can be a bit dull after a while. Still, there were moments when I died that I wanted to try again and learn from my mistakes, and I’m proud that I was able to evoke that feeling at least in myself.

This is my second 3D game, and while it’s rough in certain spots I’m happy with the effort I put into polish. I hope to keep improving though! 🤞 


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This is very good for html5.  The FX very etchy!!!!