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Lunar Assault 64 is my entry for the N64Brew 2021 Game Jam. The theme of the jam was "size". I ended up making a game where you slay monsters on the moon for career development. The game was developed over the course of two months.

Provided here are Nintendo 64 ROMs for NTSC and PAL systems. They're intended to be played on a retail Nintendo 64 console via a flashcart. I haven't had very much luck getting the game to work on emulators such as Project64 or mupen64plus.

Thanks to my friends/family that helped me out and supported me while making the game!


lunar_assault_64_1_0_NTSC.n64 8 MB
lunar_assault_64_1_0_PAL.n64 8 MB


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I commented elsewhere, but i just got a Everdrive 64 and went straight to homebrew sites for my first games. This was a really impressive homebrew and I appreciated the work, atmosphere, and experience of playing it.  I can sense a more ambitious plot lurking behind the mini-story we get here.  Thanks for the hard work.  A neat and entertaining experience.

I have been trying to get this game, but what sort of program should I use? I am having a difficult time tying to get this game.

Hi, thanks for the interest! In order to run the game, you'll need a retail Nintendo 64 console and a flashcart.


Coo game.

Retro graphics, I like it!


How did you manage to make the game for n64? Impressive!

Thanks! Making the game was a bit tricky at times, but worth it!

The N64 SDK has been "leaked" a few times over the internet, so I was able to find it with some googling. I installed it onto a Windows XP VM and played around with it. It's quite similar to programming with C and OpenGL, in some ways.